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High School Musical 4 __EXCLUSIVE__ Full Movie Download Free

The High School Musical soundtrack was the #1 album of 2006 and the DVD was the years #1 TV movie on DVD. High School Musical also delivered licensed amateur and professional touring stage productions, a best-selling junior novel, a popular consumer products franchise, a themed show at Disneyland Parks and Resorts in Anaheim, Orlando and Paris, and a sold-out, 52-date arena concert tour in North America and Latin America.

High School Musical 4 Full Movie Download Free

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Disney Channel has ordered a fourth installment in the High School Musical franchise, which centers on two high school rivals, East High and West High, who have been at war for decades. The Wildcats are led by Lucas Scott (aka Troy Bolton), Gabriella Montez (aka Gabriella Montez) and Kaya Jones, while rival students Danny Fairbanks and Sharpay Evans, led by their principal Steven Hale, battle the Wildcats as they fight to restore order to their school. The Wildcats are also joined by three other students who are considered outsiders, comprising the East-West High Riverdance Team, headed by their dance coach, Aaron, and the East-West High volleyball team, led by their captain, Savannah.

High School Musical 4 will air in 2010. It is being written by Dan Berendsen, who also wrote the music for the High School Musical franchise, and Peter Barsocchini. Zev Galloway is the executive producer of the upcoming High School Musical 4.

The next new addition to the High School Musical franchise will be High School Musical 4. It was announced that it will begin production later this year for premiere on Disney Channel in 2010. A source close to the movie revealed that a writer and composer on the project have already been hired. The source told EC News that everyone expects that the project will be announced by the end of this year. [7]


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