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Holiday Music ((FREE))

Mall of America welcomes guests from all backgrounds and beliefs. Holiday Music Festival is intended to celebrate the holiday season through holiday-themed musical performances that appeal to all guests. Performers and groups must follow all guidelines and rules, which requires holiday-themed music and prohibits proselytizing, preaching, sermons or prayers.

holiday music


Local viewers will be able to watch the program three times on News 2 during the holiday season: Saturday, Dec. 3 at 9 a.m., Friday, Dec. 9 at 12:30 a.m., and Saturday, Dec. 24 at 4 p.m. The Nashville Holiday Music Special will also air nationwide throughout the season by Timeless Syndication.

Over the next few weeks, hundreds of radio stations nationwide will be making the annual seasonal switch to the all-Christmas format. In each of the past few years, more than 500 stations have gone to holiday programming on or around Thanksgiving, and in many markets, Adult Contemporary (AC) stations are the obvious choices to make the flip. But, this format is not the exclusive domain of AC radio. In 2016, AC stations accounted for just over half of the airplay of all holiday music (53%), while the remaining 47% came from a combination of other popular formats, including Country, Classic Hits and even Hot AC.

Now, about those classics: To really get a handle on how holiday songs are consumed, we created some data tables based on the year a holiday song was recorded, and then plotted the raw tonnage of listener interaction by radio airplay, on-demand stream activity, and sales.

As with all Tosco Music Parties, the evening will feature an eclectic mix of more than a dozen performers and plenty of singalongs. Enjoy your favorite holiday tunes delivered in a variety of musical genres. Join us for this special Tosco Music holiday tradition at Knight Theater!

The Aloha Friday Music Series is returning to the South Shore Market Courtyard for the holidays! Every Friday in December from 12pm to 1pm, join us for live holiday music from local artists including Bobby Moderow, Kamuela Kahoano and more. Grab lunch from one of our neighborhood eateries, sit back and celebrate the season!

Music therapy has been used to treat people with chronic pain, and in one study, patients who listened to music in recovery after surgery needed less morphine to manage their pain. Active listening is key, as focusing on music engages your mind and allows less room for pain pathways in your brain. And because holiday music can help relieve stress, it also helps relieve muscle tension that leads to pain.

A weekend of music and fun for the entire family . . . Enjoy performances by HBMS student ensembles . . . Find that special holiday gift at the HB Boutique, Holiday Treat Shoppe and Silent Auction . . . Join us and celebrate the season while supporting HBMS!

Pop artists have made a habit of releasing holiday albums, whether it is Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers, or even Drake. But what do Americans really listen to during the holiday season? We asked survey participants about their favorite songs. The key takeaway: People prefer some of the most classic hits.

Perhaps no one listens to holiday music more than retail workers. Between ringing up items, stocking shelves, or pinning up signs for holiday sales, store staff sometimes have to listen to holiday tunes beginning as early as October. As a result, they might have different tastes in holiday tracks than consumers. We asked retail workers about their favorite songs and how early they believed stores should start playing holiday music.

According to our survey, traditional holiday music influenced people to shop most. Fifty-eight percent of survey respondents said that classic tunes encouraged them to shop in a store. Fifty-six percent said this genre made them happy, while 48 percent said it encouraged generosity and made them spend more time in the store. Pop holiday music had the second-best effect, with 43 percent of survey respondents claiming it encouraged them to shop.

While traditional holiday music generally encouraged most consumers to shop, 39 percent of millennials had negative feelings toward religious music. About 31 percent of Gen Xers also felt negatively toward religious holiday music in stores. Meanwhile, 37 percent of baby boomers felt that comedic holiday music discouraged them from shopping.

A controversy surrounding holiday music is whether establishments playing songs with strong religious elements are excluding other religions. We asked people from different religious backgrounds how they felt about hearing religious holiday music in stores and other public establishments. Sixty-one percent of atheists or agnostics responded negatively, compared to 18 percent of those who identified as Catholic. Meanwhile, millennials were the most likely to respond negatively to establishments playing religious holiday music, although there was only a small difference in negative responses from Gen Xers and baby boomers.

Holiday music is a central part of the American experience as millions of people usher in the new year. Whether it be a classic hit from the 1940s or recent holiday pop, plenty of people voluntarily (and involuntarily) tune into these songs every year.

Our study found that people have a strong emotional connection to music that can translate into positive or negative sentiment during the shopping experience and could even influence consumer behavior. Music matters, and during the holidays, it can be a powerful influencer, so learn more about business-minded music streaming and visit Cloud Cover Music to make informed decisions about the tunes you play for your customers.

For this campaign, we surveyed 1,016 people to gather sentiments toward holiday songs. The ages of our participants ranged from 18 to 80 with an average age of 38 and a standard deviation of 12 years. We provided some demographic breakdowns in our assets, which include a generational view as well as a religious one. Thirteen percent of survey participants were baby boomers, 32 percent were Gen Xers, and 55 percent were millennials. Thirty-five percent identified as Christian, 19 percent as Catholic, 2 percent as Buddhist, 2 percent as Jewish, and 17 percent said they had no religious affiliation, while 25 percent considered themselves atheist or agnostic.

To calculate the number of minutes of holiday music the average listener enjoys each season, we asked participants for how many months, times per week, and times per day they listened to their favorite songs. Then, we found the length of the top songs in Spotify and used it to calculate total minutes of play. For sample size purposes, we did exclude certain generations as well as religious affiliations for assets that showcased those breakdowns.

Because these data are self-reported, there are limitations associated, which can include: telescoping, selective memory, attribution, and exaggeration. We did not perform any statistical testing on this survey, and our visualizations are purely exploratory looks at how holiday songs make people feel.

For the first time in a long time, a CD of my holiday music is now available... but, ONLY HERE. This CD features EIGHT bonus tracks from my 'Spirit Of The Holidays' which is no longer in print...and I'll sign it for you, if you'd like!

This collection features my interpretations of time-honored holiday favorites. I hope these songs evoke warm memories and heartfelt reflections for you and your loved ones. I love this time of year and being behind my grand piano makes it even more sweet and meaningful.

Treat your ears and eyes to some holiday cheer with our 5th annual Downtown Holiday Music and Light Show! Located in the 100 block of S. Dargan Street, our walk-through show plays holiday hits while the lights change and dance along with the music.

The Holiday Light Show is FREE and runs nightly from 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. with shows every 25 minutes through December 31, 2020. Photos are encouraged as you walk through, but make sure to leave space between you and other groups so all we spread this holiday season is joy, not germs!

SiriusXM brings listeners the most extensive collection of holiday channels to-date with a soundtrack to celebrate every holiday occasion. Hear beloved holiday tunes, traditional Christmas carols, and Hanukkah music, or put a twist on the classics with contemporary favorites or our genre-specific channels like holiday pop, seasonal soul, or country Christmas.

Acoustic Christmas: Unplug this holiday season with nothing but acoustic Christmas tunes. Hear new and classic holiday songs stripped down for a relaxing seasonal vibe. Available on the SXM App now through December 27 and on channel 6 beginning December 24 through December 25.

Cool Jazz Christmas: A jazzy holiday soundtrack that is everything you need for a cool yule! Pour the eggnog and let the festivities begin with Christmas classics from some of the greatest contemporary jazz instrumentalists including Dave Koz, David Benoit, Jonathan Butler and Kenny G, plus a sprinkling of some of the smoothest vocals of the season from the likes of Anita Baker, Diana Krall, Take 6, and Natalie Cole. Available on the SXM App now through December 27.

Country Christmas: Spanning the generations of country Christmas music, including Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood and George Strait. Available on the SXM App and on channel 55 now through December 27.

Holiday Chill-Out: SiriusXM brings you the first ever 24/7 Holiday Chill-Out channel featuring downtempo, chilled-out holiday favorites. Tis the season to relax. Available on the SXM App now through December 27.

Holiday Instrumentals: Holiday favorites but the vocals are replaced with instruments. String, piano, orchestra versions and more of your favorite holiday hits. Feel free to sing along with holiday hits instrumental style. Available on the SXM App now through December 27. 041b061a72


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