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The Official Rules Of Card Games

In this instructable I will teach you how to play BS, a fun card game. This is one of my favorite card games to play and often brings about many laughs and smiles. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do and have fun experiences with it! This is my second instructable, so feedback and comments would be much appreciated.

The official rules of card games

In the traditional rules, whoever has the ace of spades goes first. They would place that card down, along with any other aces they have. Depending on the players' liking, that can be changed. Here are some variations:

You cannot pass. You must do your best to bluff. If you play with Jokers, you could play one. Another option would be to integrate a new rule that each player is allowed one pass. If you were to start that new rule, I would say that the number should stay the same. That's what I love about card games: being able to invent rules!

The Pokémon trading card game's objective is to build the most powerful deck of Pokémon and battle by taking turns using attacks and abilities to defeat your opponent. Two players play at a time, each with a deck of 60 cards, says the official Pokémon website.

Stadium cards remain active once played, and only one stadium can be played at a time. Each stadium card has its own rules. If you are looking to change the stadium, it must have a different name than the one currently in play. Once a new one is added, discard the old one and its effects.

This is a summary of the standard rules of the Uno card game. If you are looking for a replacement set of instructions, an official English or Spanish set can be printed directly from Mattel's website. If you are looking for the rules for a Special Wild card that is unique to each deck of Uno cards, you might find it on the ever-growing Unique Wild Card Rules page. Once you are familiar with the basic, old-school rules of Uno, check out our Uno Gameplay Variations to shake things up.

Themed Uno decks have an additional 4 unique Wild cards, bringing the total cards in the deck to 112 cards. For the newer Uno sets, 2 of these 4 unique Wild cards are Wild Customizable Cards that allow the players to write in their own effects. If you need ideas for these Wild Customizable Cards, look through this list of unique Wild card rules.

In the early 2000s, the official rules of Uno provided that in a 2 player game, a reverse card acted as a Skip Card. This rule was removed from later Uno instruction manuals and it is not clear whether it is still officially supported.

Other Wild Card: Almost all themed Uno decks come with a set of 4 Wild cards that are unique to that deck. These Wild cards will have a unique effect (e.g. draw until you get a red card, choose any player to draw 3 cards, etc.) and then let the person who played it choose the new color of play. Many of these unique wild card rules can be found here. If you can't find the rules for your specific Wild card, you can remove the special Wild cards to create a standard 108 card Uno deck, treat these unique Wild cards as standard Wild cards, or pick any unique Wild card rule to use when this card is played.


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