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About me

      I was born in the beautiful city of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine. I moved to Boston in 1999 when I was 25, with my husband and five-year-old son. Our family has grown since, and we've lived around Boston for the last 22 years. I love the abundance of nature here, the proximity to the ocean, and the mountains. We are very lucky to raise our kids in a beautiful area, on a safe street, with caring people around, and to pursue our dreams.


            After the kids got older, I started to dedicate more time to my passions which had been evident when I was a kid myself but became a luxury, so I set it aside for a while. After several years in a career in IT, I started to transition to where my soul asked me to go. I followed the way. I am an artist spending my time with oils, pastels, watercolors, charcoal, gouache, you name it. I am taking various classes and workshops with great teachers. I started to teach. In my part-time IT position, I also mix art with science, creating visualizations, and infusing analytics and dashboards with colors and storytelling techniques.


      I am painting for it makes me feel alive, inspirational, and joyful. I love storytelling. My visual art expresses the stories that I see, hear, and create - they come to me as messages that I can decode in my unique intuitive way. Sometimes I can't, and I lose many of them, but the new ones come. When I started painting twelve years ago my subjects were often found outside, with the people, nature, the places that touched me on a deeper level. I am still observing the outside, yet nowadays, my stories often come from within. I paint a lot from my imagination, combining elements of fantasy, symbolism, and abstraction. Some of my work could feel like inviting the viewer into a fairytale or timeless dreams-like space.


      I can hear the stories knocking from inside and I know I need to give them life, often with bright colors. I like to paint from the special place found inside after meditation; my process becomes a meditation on its own. I love to express the wholeness of feelings and energy by playing freely with colors, and by moving along with different brushstrokes. My path is to enjoy a composer mindset, to create the energy on the canvas that infuses life with meaning, joy, love, freedom, and honesty - that sparkles out from within. I started to believe that I am blessed with the gift to create art that can carry these vibes outwards, to be touching other people.

      After February 24th, the lives of many people changed overnight, when the war broke in Ukraine. I grew up in Ukraine and we used to travel back there with kids to meet the family up until 2014 when the first military invasion started in my hometown. Many of my family and close friends are in Ukraine now, in a very difficult condition. Many became refugees as they left everything behind and took a plunge to cross the border in search of safety. My heart is aching and full of tears as this senseless war continues, with many lives lost and millions of people displaced. Our support matters and we continue to help people there - financially, emotionally, logistically, with paperwork, making it a priority to talk with them on a phone so they know they are not alone.


      PAINTINGS CURRENTLY FOR SALE - 40% of proceeds will go to Ukraine!


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