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Lugol Iodine Solution Where To Buy

Establish protocols. Ensure that protocols include information about managing acute hyperthyroidism, protecting the thyroid during exposure to radioactive iodine, and preoperative use of iodine solutions. The protocols should be readily accessible and include treatment and dosing information.

lugol iodine solution where to buy

Lugol's iodine, also known as aqueous iodine and strong iodine solution, is a solution of potassium iodide with iodine in water.[2] It is a medication and disinfectant used for a number of purposes.[3][4] Taken by mouth it is used to treat thyrotoxicosis until surgery can be carried out, protect the thyroid gland from radioactive iodine, and to treat iodine deficiency.[4][5] When applied to the cervix it is used to help in screening for cervical cancer.[6] As a disinfectant it may be applied to small wounds such as a needle stick injury.[3] A small amount may also be used for emergency disinfection of drinking water.[7]

Lugol's iodine was first made in 1829 by the French physician Jean Lugol.[7][8] It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines.[9][10] Lugol's iodine is available as a generic medication and over the counter.[1] Lugol's solution is available in different strengths of iodine. Large volumes of concentrations more than 2.2% may be subject to regulation.[11]

Because it contains free iodine, Lugol's solution at 2% or 5% concentration without dilution is irritating and destructive to mucosa, such as the lining of the esophagus and stomach. Doses of 10 mL of undiluted 5% solution have been reported to cause gastric lesions when used in endoscopy.[20] The LD50 for 5% Iodine is 14,000 mg/kg (14 g/kg) in rats, and 22,000 mg/kg (22 g/kg) in mice.[21]

The above uses and effects are consequences of the fact that the solution is a source of effectively free elemental iodine, which is readily generated from the equilibrium between elemental iodine molecules and polyiodide ions in the solution.

Lugol's iodine has been used traditionally to replenish iodine deficiency. Because of its wide availability as a drinking-water decontaminant, and high content of potassium iodide, emergency use of it was at first recommended to the Polish government in 1986, after the Chernobyl disaster to replace and block any intake of radioactive 131I, even though it was known to be a non-optimal agent, due to its somewhat toxic free-iodine content.[25] Other sources state that pure potassium iodide solution in water (SSKI) was eventually used for most of the thyroid protection after this accident.[26] There is "strong scientific evidence" for potassium iodide thyroid protection to help prevent thyroid cancer. Potassium iodide does not provide immediate protection but can be a component of a general strategy in a radiation emergency.[27][failed verification]

Historically, Lugol's iodine solution has been widely available and used for a number of health problems with some precautions.[28] Lugol's is sometimes prescribed in a variety of alternative medical treatments.[29][30] Only since the end of the Cold War has the compound become subject to national regulation in the English-speaking world.[citation needed]

Since August 1, 2007, the DEA regulates all iodine solutions containing greater than 2.2% elemental iodine as a List I precursor because they may potentially be used in the illicit production of methamphetamine.[32] Transactions of up to one fluid ounce (30 ml) of Lugol's solution are exempt from this regulation.

Lugol's solution is commonly available in different potencies of (nominal) 1%, 2%, 5% or 10%. Iodine concentrations greater than 2.2% are subject to US regulations.[34][35][36] If the US regulations are taken literally, their 2.2% maximum iodine concentration limits a Lugol's solution to maximum (nominal) 0.87%.

The most commonly used (nominal) 5% solution consists of 5% (wt/v) iodine (I2) and 10% (wt/v) potassium iodide (KI) mixed in distilled water and has a total iodine content of 126.4 mg/mL. The (nominal) 5% solution thus has a total iodine content of 6.32 mg per drop of 0.05 mL; the (nominal) 2% solution has 2.53 mg total iodine content per drop.

Lugol's iodine solution is a starch indicator, chemical reagent, and biological stain. This chemical stains carbohydrates in plant and animal specimens brown or blue-black and stains glycogen red. This 100 ml bottle is an aqueous solution of 1.8% iodine and 3.0% potassium iodide.

This Lugol's iodine solution stains carbohydrates in plant & animal specimens brown or blue-black & stains glycogen red. An aqueous solution of 1.8% iodine & 3.0% potassium iodide. Lab grade; not for food or medical purposes.

Iodine is a naturally occurring trace element that support hormone production in your thyroid. Naturally support your thyroid with this 2 percent iodine solution.** Each vertical drop of this solution supplies approximately 1.25 mg iodine.

Aim. To clarify the endoscopic mucosal change of the stomach caused by Lugol's iodine solution spray on screening esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD). Methods. Sixty-four consecutive patients who underwent EGD for esophageal squamous cellcarcinoma screening were included in this study. The records for these patients included gastricmucosa findings before and after Lugol's iodine solution was sprayed. The endoscopic findings ofthe greater curvature of the gastric body were retrospectively analyzed based on the followingfindings: fold thickening, exudates, ulcers, and hemorrhage. Results. Mucosal changes occurred after Lugol's solution spray totally in 51 patients (80%). Fold thickening was observed in all 51 patients (80%), and a reticular pattern of white lines was found on the surface of the thickened gastric folds found in 28 of the patients (44%). Exudates were observed in 6 patients (9%). Conclusion. The gastric mucosa could be affected by Lugol's iodine; the most frequent endoscopic finding of this effect is gastric fold thickening, which should not be misdiagnosed as a severe gastric disease.

Lugol iodine solution was compared with glutaraldehyde as a preservative for marine bacteria. Direct counts with the fluorochrome 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole show no significant difference between the preservatives, but the use of Lugol solution has several advantages over glutaraldehyde, especially in the handling and storage of samples. Bacteria were counted in water samples that were preserved with Lugol iodine solution and stored at room temperature for 4 years. Microprotozoa were also counted in samples preserved with Lugol iodine solution by using the fluorochrome fluorescein isothiocyanate.

Lugol's iodine, also known as Lugol's solution, first made in 1829, is a solution of elemental iodine and potassium iodide in water, named after the French physician J.G.A. Lugol. Lugol's iodine solution is often used as an antiseptic and disinfectant, for emergency disinfection of drinking water, and as a reagent for starch detection in routine laboratory and medical tests. These uses are possible since the solution is a source of effectively free elemental iodine, which is readily generated from the equilibration between elemental iodine molecules and triiodide ion in the solution.

It has been used more rarely to replenish iodine deficiency. However, pure potassium iodide, containing the relatively benign iodide ion without the more toxic elemental iodine, is strongly preferred for this purpose. Likewise, in the Chernobyl disaster some Lugol's solution was used as an emergency source of iodide to block radioactive iodine uptake, simply because it was widely available as a drinking water decontaminant, and pure potassium iodide without iodine (the preferred agent) was not available.

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People who should be particularly wary of prophylactic intake of the solution without explicit instruction from a specialist are primarily patients suffering from diseases such as hyperthyroidism, pulmonary tuberculosis or iodine hypersensitivity. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also be included in this group.

Medisca Lugol`s Solution. Strong Iodine solution In 1829 a French physician, named Lugol, originated a solution, which contains 5% of elemental iodine in a 10% solution of potassium iodide. It has been used steadily ever since it was originated. Lugol`s iodine is a form of elemental iodine, which may be helpful in hypothyroidism and goitre caused by insufficient iodine intake. It has also been reported to assist with other hypothyroidism symptoms such as:FatigueSluggishnessWeight gainColdness of the body`s extremitiesThere is one downside to this product. It has a very unique metallic taste. Some people find it offensive, while others have no problem with the taste.For general health on a daily basis, add two drops or 12.5 mg. to your 8 oz. glass of water, apple juice or apple cider in the morning.This product does not come with a dropper. 041b061a72


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