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Adrian Gray

Funduino Uno R3 Driver: What You Need to Know

hi all, i'm writing a book about arduino and have to do a lot of testing to make sure i have a correct driver install. after downloading the drivers from ftdi i tried to install them using windows and all went well but the ftdi drivers don't appear in the arduino ide tools menu. the drivers are listed in the arduino site as binary files but i can't seem to open them. using my mac mini running os x 10.9.3 i get a message saying there is no valid signature for the file. anyone know how to get the drivers to appear in the arduino ide?

Funduino Uno R3 Driver Download

Download Zip:

hi all i have been trying to get my arduino uno r3 to work and i have had no luck. when i use the arduino ide to upload programs it says that it can't find the chip so i have tried to install the driver manually but it can't find the files when i select to install them through the driver installer. i have tried opening the binary files with my mac os x and windows and i get a message saying there is no valid signature for the file. can someone help

hello everyone! i just got my first arduino uno. i tried to download and install the driver from the ftdi website, but the installer doesn't recognize the package. so i downloaded the same driver from arduino's website and installed it. that works. but when i then go to the arduino ide, it still doesn't see my board. any ideas on how i can get the arduino ide to recognize the board?

hi, i am new to this and i am using a u3 uno board. i downloaded the ftdi drivers from the arduino website and when i try to install them, i get a message saying that the files are not signed. help, please


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