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Shemale Vicious

Author note: Probably should have added, some of these scenes get intense and brutal. If you're not keen on domination then I would definitely give this one a miss!.....contains shemale on male and futa-ish scenes. I haven't found someone to edit this one yet so I apologise for any grammatical errors. Apart from that, enjoy the show.....

shemale vicious


Mercedes Carrera's dream came true when she finally got the opportunity to get laid with a tranny. That luscious Latina took Nikki Vicious's big shemale cock in her mouth and sucked it wildly enjoying the every second of this throbbing meat sliding in and out of her slutty mouth. Then Mercedess also licks Nikki's butt hole and strokes the dick at the same time. After that Mercedes toyed Nikki with various dildos in the ass until that tranny busted a nut on her own stomach. 041b061a72


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